Declining Traffic, Deadlier Crashes:

Mapping Car Crash Trends 

Updated: August 21, 2020

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Ometry analyzes data from local government sources to monitor the dynamics of road safety during Covid-19.


What we found as the pandemic swept across the nation:  people limited their social interactions and vehicle miles driven and crashes, predictably, decreased significantly.

However, the crashes that have and are happening are much more likely to be fatal.

A crash this year is


more likely to be fatal.

Even though there are far fewer accidents in total now, the number of accidents that are fatal has not dropped at the same rate.

Fatal crashes as a percent of all crashes, by month (11 states + D.C.)

In every month in 2020, a crash has been more likely to be fatal than the year before. 

In some cases, despite a significantly lower number of vehicle accidents in total, the number of fatal accidents has remained roughly constant or even increased. 

January to June 2019

 fatal crashes


 total crashes


January to June 2020

 fatal crashes



 total crashes

Change in percent of fatal crashes over total crashes between June 2019 and June 2020 

In every state in Ometry's database, a crash in June 2020 was more likely to be fatal than a crash in June 2019.


In three states, the likelihood of a crash being fatal had doubled since the previous year.

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